Cyber Threat Hunting (CTH)

Find hidden threats in your environment. We can find and eliminate threats 24+ hours before they are widely known or detected by mainstream tools.

Why Threat Hunting?

Threats are constantly evolving. This means many may evade your current detections and playbooks. We can look within your environment to proactively identify hidden threats to detect lateral movement, advanced persistent threats (APTs), and dormant ransomware and other malware. We do this through threat hunting and advanced behavioral analysis. We can provide related managed security services or work with your existing MSSP or security team to provide remediation recommendations and Incident Response (IR) actions.

Detection through Threat Hunting

We can help you find hidden threats within your environment that detections and alerts may miss due to alert thresholds, threats living off the land, and other low and slow behaviors.

Analyze & correlate - Security Information & Event Management

We can analyze Indicators of Compromise (IOCs) to determine a disposition for your assets and ID any compromised services.


We can recommend response actions or take them on your behalf. We can collaborate with your staff, manages service providers, or provide a turn-key solution.

Need Cloud Support?

We can look within your public, private, hybrid cloud environments as well. We can even leverage such tools and data sources as Azure Sentinel and CloudTrail.


Cloud Services via Azure, AWS, and GCP to enable rapid and secure business functions. We are capable of leveraging your Microsoft Sentinel SIEM & XDR, Splunk, Elasticsearch, and much more!